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Animal Crossing boosts 3DS sales in Japan while Vita hits record low

Sales of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan doubled last week alongside the release of Animal Crossing: Jump Out (New Leaf in North America), while Vita sales have fallen to a lifetime low, according to this week's Media Create figures.

3DS sales for the week ending Nov. 11 hit 187,000 units, double sales of 94,000 units the week prior, while PlayStation Vita sales fell from 5,000 to 4,000 units in Japan. Year-to-date, the 3DS has moved over 3.8 million units in Japan, while the PlayStation Portable has sold 694,000 units and the Vita 590,000. According to Media Create, both the PS3 and PSP are currently outselling the Vita.

Animal Crossing: Jump Out, released on Nov. 8, sold 603,064 copies its first week on the shelves, a likely push for the week's high 3DS sales. Second on the week's charts is Tecmo Koei's hack-and-slash action title Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires for PlayStation 3, with Halo 4 coming in third.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is schedule to release early next year in North America.

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