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Hawken closed beta access included with Hawken: Genesis graphic novel preview

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Publisher Comixology is offering Hawken beta keys with digital previews of the Hawken: Genesis graphic novel based on Adhesive Games' mech shooter, the publisher announced today.

Comixology will release four digital preview issues, the first of which is available today through the company's website for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and browsers. The remaining three will be released on a monthly basis, ending with the full novel's release for hardcover in March. This month's preview, "Prelude to Ruin," includes an access code for Hawken's third closed beta phase, taking place Nov. 20 through Dec. 6.

Hawken: Genesis introduces the in-game world of Illal, serving as a prequel to the game's events and as a look at the mythology and history of the Hawken universe. The novel will follow storylines for several of the game's characters and serve as a reference point for the main game.

Futuristic multiplayer mech-shooter Hawken will go into open beta on PC on Dec. 12 and will be free-to-play.

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