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PlayStation Vita reaches new sales low in Japan, drops behind PSP sales

3DS devices on the up

PlayStation Vita sales have reached a new all-time low in Japan this week after dropping to fifth place in the Japanese hardware chart, behind PlayStation Portable devices.

According to the chart published by Gematsu, 4,021 PS Vita units were sold compared to 12,076 PSP devices. This is a drop from last week in which 4,842 PS Vita units and 13,868 PSP units sold.

Both 3DS LL and 3DS sales grew significantly, with 134,652 3DS LL devices sold compared to last week's 63,993 and 52,425 3DS devices sold this week compared to last week's 29,996.

PlayStation 3 sales dropped slightly from last week's sales of 21,310 and now sits at third place on the list at 18,043 units sold.

This follows Sony's revised sales forecast announced in early November, expecting PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable handheld devices to sell a combined 2 million less units than originally expected by March 31, 2013. 10 million units are expected to sell overall.

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