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iOS game Punch Quest drops free-to-play model after struggling to hit revenue goal

Punching to the bank

Popular iOS game Punch Quest has dropped the free-to-play model it originally launched with, after developers Madgarden and Rocketcat Games struggled to hit five-figure revenues, MCV reports.

At launch, Punch Quest first offered users the ability to bypass microtransactions altogether by earning the same rewards in-game; However, the game struggled financially despite being downloaded roughly 600,000 times.

While earlier in the month an update to the game offered both new in-app purchases and improved visibility of these purchases in an effort to boost sales, according to Rocketcat's Kepa Auwae "the update improved things for like a few days, and then it sank, hard."

"We did that last Punch Quest update that fixed a lot of the problems people pointed out when they gave for Punch Quest. More high-end purchases, a coin doubler, a non-coins IAP option, a clearer buy button didn't work.

"That leaves one simple thing the game is way too generous to be a single currency free game. It's 99 cents or increase the price of everything by eight times or more, really."

Punch Quest is available for iPhone and iPad devices. Check out our in-depth tips guide for the game.