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Pokedex iOS app hits Japan tomorrow

The Nintendo 3DS Pokedex is being ported to mobile this week, with Pokemon iOS hitting devices in Japan tomorrow, Nov. 16, The Pokemon Company announced today.

The iOS-only app costs 170 yen and is compatible with iPhone (3G, 4, 4S and 5 models), iPad (3G and fourth generation), iPad 2, iPad mini and iPod Touch (fourth and fifth generation), and requires iOS 6. Pokedex iOS is also a universal app, allowing users to access it on all iOS devices with one purchase, and can display information in Japanese, English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.

The app uses models from Pokédex 3D and includes Pokemon from the Black and White Unova region only, spanning Pokemon 493 through 649. Players can add additional Pokedexes for the Kanto (0-151), Johto (151-251), Hoenn (252-386) and Sinnoh (387-492) regions for 500 yen per region.

The app weighs in at 480 MB with all additional packs requiring 1.5 MB each of available memory.

Speaking with Polygon, The Pokemon Company said that is has no information on the app's release outside of Japan at this time. You can download the application from the company's official website.

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