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Developer hopes to change views about marijuana with Drugbound

Drugbound, an endless runner whose developer hopes to challenge the conventional wisdom about marijuana legalization, is headed for release this winter, developer Slouch Couch announced in a press release today.

The mutli-platform HTML5 game sets the runner on a mad dash away from the law, collecting various medicinal herbs and dodging bosses as the genderless protagonist runs through five levels. According to today's press release, Dave Homan, the one-man developer behind Drugbound, wants to use the game to encourage players to question marijuana's illegality.

"How I see it, the more that pop culture is imbued with images and messages about marijuana, the more accepted the idea of it will probably be," Homan said. "I want the players of my games to question something they've been taught or told. If someone plays Drugbound a few times and then comes out with, 'Oh hey, the US drug war actually IS racist!' then I figure I'll get my angel wings or something."

You can check out Drugbound's twisted world below.

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