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Glitch developer Tiny Speck trying to find jobs for laid off staff with 'Hire a Specker'

Game developer Tiny Speck announced on Wednesday that it was shutting down its massively multiplayer online game Glitch and laying off a portion of its staff. Now the company is trying to find new gigs for ex-Tiny Speck talent through its "Hire a Specker" page.

Based on the number of Tiny Speck staffers seeking new homes — more than 30 — and the Team Glitch page, it appears the vast majority of the studio is being let go in the wake of Glitch's closure. Tiny Speck has employees throughout the U.S. and Canada, with some located in the developer's Vancouver and San Francisco offices.

The company says it will continue with "a smaller core team will be working to develop new products," including unspecified "applications outside of the gaming world."

Tiny Speck says it will shut down Glitch on Dec. 9 and has stopped accepting new members.

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