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Toys R Us warns customers that Wii U pre-order shipments may be delayed

Customers who pre-ordered their Wii U at Toys R Us may not get Nintendo's new console on launch day. Emails sent to Toys R Us customers today indicate that some stores have not received Wii U hardware, potentially denying some Nintendo fans a launch day console.

"We wanted to inform you that we have not yet received inventory on your Wii U Black Deluxe Set Hardware pre-order which was expected in-store on November 18th, 2012," reads a customer service email forwarded to Polygon. "We will send you a follow-up email once this item is available and ready for pickup."

Users of the GameFAQs and Cheap Ass Gamer forums have reported receiving similar emails based on in-store pre-orders.

Late hardware shipments of the Wii U do not appear to be nationwide. Some Toys R Us stores contacted by Polygon confirmed that pre-order hardware has been received in-store. Toys R Us' customer service representatives reached by telephone were unaware of any delay in Wii U hardware shipment to stores.

Polygon readers, how has your Wii U pre-order experience gone so far? Let us know, whether you ordered online or in-store, at Toys R Us or any other retailer.

Thanks to tipster Anthony for the heads up.

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