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You can now build your own Sine Mora ships with Lego

In an effort to promote the release of side-scrolling shoot 'em up Sine Mora, developer Grasshopper Manufacture is appealing to Lego enthusiasts with brick-by-brick building instructions for two of the game's ships.

The 27.4 MB download includes the Merenstein VI and the BS4-VR Soprano. The Merenstein appears to be the more intricate of the two, requiring 37 steps to the Soprano's 19.

Sine Mora put players in the cockpit of an upgradable airplane, blasting enemies out of the sky. The game's music was composed by Silent Hill veteran Akira Yamaoka, while boss battles were inspired by work from artist Mahiro Maeda of Neon Genesis Evangelion fame.

Sine Mora launched for Xbox Live Arcade in March, followed by a PC Steam release on Nov. 9. A PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 release through PlayStation Network are currently slated for Nov. 20.

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