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SOE cuts PlanetSide 2 weapon unlock time, doubles cert point gain

Sony Online Entertainment will adjust PlanetSide 2 cert gain rates and costs for vehicle and infantry weapon unlocks, announced lead designer Matt Higby via the site's forums.

"Our goal here is to reduce the overall time investment for weapons by about 30 percent on the top end weapon unlocks," Higby wrote. The change apparently comes as a response to user feedback.

The team will first adjust the experience to cert point ratio to 250:1, meaning players will earn points "twice as fast as the current build." However, cert prices on things like class abilities and attachments will also double and even out the change.

Weapon certs, on the other hand, will stay the same or be increased by a smaller amount to reduce the time needed to unlock new items. Some weapons will see cuts by as much as half. By launch, costs will be broken into five categories, beginning with 250 and climbing to 700.

Changes will go into effect on Nov. 20, when PlanetSide 2 launches for PC.

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