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Star Citizen enters final hours, team prepares for live-stream

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Chris Robert's space sim Kickstarter Star Citizen will end its final hours with a number of updates and a live-stream campaign from Cloud Imperium's temporary offices, the team announced today.

The campaign has already raised well over $4 million, and, according to the update, has set the record for crowd-funding games. Within the next 24 hours, fans can expect news on the game's art, music and more. When the campaign enters its final 24 hours at 1 p.m. CT on Sunday, Nov. 18, the team will begin a telethon-style live-stream from Austin, Texas. Roberts and crew will answer fan questions and give away prizes, as well as offer limited-time special-offer packages to support the game.

A final stretch goal of $5.5 million has been set. If reached, the Bengal carrier will become playable in the final game as a difficult-to-earn, but "amazing base" for clans, squadrons and guilds.

The last updates will be posted on Roberts Space Industries, Cloud Imperium's website.

Thanks for the tip, Jean.