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Crusader Kings 2: Sunset Invasion introduces human sacrifice and exotic diseases

Download foreign diseases

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Crusader Kings 2's latest Aztec-inspired DLC offering, Sunset Invasion, is now available for $4.99 from the game's official website, Paradox Interactive announced.

The new downloadable content combines fantasy and history by pitting European dynasties against an invading Aztec civilization that arrives at a random point mid-to-late in the game. The invading army brings with it new diseases from across the ocean, Aztec religion and human sacrifice.

Crusader Kings 2: Sunset Invasion requires the core Crusader Kings 2 game prior to installation. The Crusader Kings sequel was first released to PC in early 2012, with a version for Mac brought out in May. The complex strategy game is set during the high to late middle ages and allows players to control an entire medieval dynasty from heir to heir.

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