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Get Super Mario 3D Land pre-installed on Flame Red 3DS for $169.99 starting Black Friday

A limited-edition 3DS bundle will be available for the holiday season: a Flame Red 3DS with Super Mario 3D Land pre-installed for $169.99, Nintendo announced today.

The package offers a savings of $39.99, the cost of Super Mario 3D Land alone, since the 3DS's regular price is $169.99. Super Mario 3D Land originally launched in November 2011. An image of the bundle can be seen above — it doesn't appear that the 3DS itself is customized with any Mario branding.

Some retailers, including Toys R Us and GameStop, already had the Super Mario 3D Land bundle listed among their Black Friday deals. Best Buy and Target will offer an additional $20 off the 3DS.

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