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Karaoke app for Xbox 360 coming soon from the Karaoke Channel

Samit Sarkar (he/him) is Polygon’s deputy managing editor. He has more than 15 years of experience covering video games, movies, television, and technology.

A singing app simply called "Karaoke" will launch on Xbox Live "in time for the holidays," the Karaoke Channel announced today.

The app offers streaming access to a library of more than 8,000 songs in 2-hour, 6-hour or 24-hour blocks of time for different amounts of Microsoft Points; the Karaoke Channel has not yet announced pricing. A few sample tracks are available for free, and the company said new songs will be added to the library over time.

Karaoke includes SmartGlass integration, allowing users to cue up songs from a smartphone or tablet. Singers can change a song's key to bring it into their register, and enable the lead vocal track if they'd prefer a voice to lean on. They'll probably prefer a microphone, but the Karaoke app also supports headsets.

"As the owner of the world's largest licensed karaoke library and karaoke service on TV and Internet, the Karaoke Channel will combine its expertise with the advanced capabilities of the Xbox 360 platform from Microsoft to develop the best in-home karaoke experience ever," said Eric Boyko, president and CEO of Stingray Digital Group, the parent company of the Karaoke Channel.

Update: Microsoft has provided some screenshots that show off the Karaoke app's integration of Xbox Live Avatars. Check out the images in the gallery below.

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