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Sega teasing new game reveal for Nov. 22, possible 7th Dragon sequel

Sega is announcing a new game in this Thursday's issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine, according to a teaser site that went live overnight.

The site shows an image of a city below a sky choked with bat-like creatures, with enormous flowers stretching into the horizon from one area. The title of the site, "A.D. 2021 Tokyo," suggests the identity of the city and a futuristic setting.

Current speculation points the teaser site towards a sequel for 2009 Nintendo DS role-playing game 7th Dragon, in which a group of heroes must kill an entire race of dragons in order to preserve humanity. The sequel, 7th Dragon 2020, was released for PlayStation Portable in 2011 and used a near-futuristic setting.

In October, Sega Japan registered a trademark for 7th Dragon 2020 3rd Encount, which is likely a continuation of the series. The company has not made an official announcement regarding 3rd Encount.

Polygon has reached out to Sega for more information and will update this story as more details become available.

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