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Gabriel Knight writer's new game to be developed by Phoenix Online

Adventure game Moebius, the first title from Gabriel Knight series designer Jane Jensen and her Pinkerton Road Studio, will be developed by Phoenix Online Studios, according to an update shared with backers of the Moebius Kickstarter campaign.

Phoenix Online is the studio behind 2010 King's Quest fan sequel The Silver Lining and episodic point-and-click detective adventure Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller. Phoenix has been officially involved with Moebius since September and the company plans to share an alpha build of the game in January, according to Jensen.

Backers of the game's Kickstarter received an exclusive preview of cinematics for Moebius's as well as its comic strip-style presentation, 3D character models and concept art.

Pinkerton Road is currently working on another adventure game under contract with an unannounced publisher, with production being partly funded by the Moebius Kickstarter campaign. Jensen has promised to share more information once PR has launched for the project.

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