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Star Citizen funding drive ends with $6 million via Kickstarter, Roberts Space Industries website

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

The dual crowdfunding efforts backing Chris Roberts' ambitious space sim Star Citizen have amassed more than $6 million, three times the project's original funding goal.

The majority of that funding was funneled through the Roberts Space Industries website, which pulled in $4.1 million. An additional $2.1 million was pledged through a Kickstarter campaign that concluded today. Combined, nearly 90,000 backers have contributed to Star Citizen since fundraising began in early October.

"The battle is over and we — PC gamers, space sim fans, WingNuts, Lancers and the rest — have won," reads an update posted by the Star Citizen team. "You've not only met every goal we set, you've exceeded them. Star Citizen will be released because of your dedication and your willingness to put your money where our mouths are. Our gratitude is immeasurable; we owe you our livelihoods and will not soon forget it."

The official Roberts Space Industries website has since been updated to reflect a maintenance period as the site transitions from a primary resource for funding Star Citizen to a community-based site accessible by backers.

Star Citizen's funding efforts began in early October with the promise of a new, massive space simulation game from Wing Commander designer Chris Roberts. Originally, Roberts and crew planned to fund the game through donations collected from their website, with a Kickstarter drive later added. Financial response from the community was swift, with more than $2 million in pledges coming two weeks after launch.

Star Citizen's persistent online universe plans to focus on "epic space adventure, trading and dogfighting in first person," according to the original pitch. The PC game is planned for release in November 2014.

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