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BioWare sponsors CMPUT 250 course at University of Alberta to teach game development

BioWare is sponsoring a course at the University of Alberta called CMPUT 250, which teaches game development across many disciplines, according to a post on the developer's blog.

In the course, which was first offered in 2005, instructors from the University of Alberta and industry professionals lecture and provide students "with practical advice on the completion of their projects, as well as feedback on the students marketing pitches," according to the course's 2012 syllabus (.pdf link).

Because video game development encompasses a wide variety of disciplines from the arts to computer science, the course contains students from the University's various colleges. At the end of the course, student teams will have a "complete, self-contained, game module for the Neverwinter Nights game engine."

According the blog post, BioWare's involvement stems from its belief that the students' "hard work and dedication will shape the future of game design."

"BioWare believes whole-heartedly in this program, and our staff participates in many aspects of CMPUT 250," the blog post reads. "From lectures to Q & A sessions to BioWare tours to critiquing student-made game trailers, students receive expert guidance and advice from various members of our team, spanning a wide range of departments and specialties."

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