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Far Cry 3 will not have dedicated servers, says Ubisoft

Far Cry 3 will not have dedicated servers to support its online multiplayer come launch, developer Ubisoft confirmed today on its official forums.

"The online experience does not support dedicated servers," wrote Community Manager "MSV-Vextor" in response to a fan question regarding servers for the game's PC version.

"Of course we are not trying to kill the PC community," he added. "We have simply decided on a different way of handling multiplayer. We weighed the different options against each other to see what worked best, and what we came up with worked very well even without [dedicated servers]."

MSV-Vextor went on to address player complaints about lag and hosting concerns as problems originating with players, something setting up a server won't necessarily fix. Far Cry 3's maps will be saved in the cloud and the game includes a "Hosting Migration" function that will transfer duties to another player if the first host's game crashes. The PC version also has anti-cheating mechanisms set up, and console cheaters will face "a whole other set of problems."

He also added that the decision to not set up dedicated server functionality was not based on piracy concerns, and that more information on multiplayer in Far Cry 3 is coming soon.

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