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SimCity creator Will Wright settles lawsuit over Hive Mind studio control

Hive Mind lawsuit settles

Industry veteran Will Wright and colleague Jawad Ansari have settled disputes over control of start-up games company Hive Mind inc. following a lawsuit put forward by Ansari earlier in June.

Ansari, former chief executive of Hive Mind, sued Hive Mind in an attempt to maintain a 30 percent equity stake in Hive Mind following his removal from the company.

"We are pleased to have reached a friendly and respectful resolution," said Wright in a prepared statement. "Jawad's entrepreneurial energy, passion for the expansion of the online game industry and tenacious execution brought the necessary elements together to build Hive Mind to where the operating team can take the Company forward."

Ansari released his own statement, adding: "During my 18 years in the business I have never met anyone who has the creativity and vision of Will Wright. Over the period of several months working with Will Wright, Will's mentorship helped me develop a deep understanding of players' psychology and thus the ability to see the world in dimensions that I did not know even existed. For this I would always be thankful to Will!"

Hive Mind launched in 2011 to develop cross-platform and cross-media social titles envisioned by Wright. In addition to this company, Wright is currently affiliated with start-up company Stupid Fun Club. Ansari is now focusing on GCube Capital which recently launched a investment organization called GCube Special Situations Fund to aid new technology companies in Silicon Valley.

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