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Twitch TV partnering with Sony Online Entertainment to stream games

Planetside 2 gets Twitch TV streaming

Online video streaming service Twitch TV is partnering with Sony Online Entertainment to allow players to stream the games they're playing to Twitch TV's channels.

Players will first see the effects of the partnership sometime this weekend when the Twitch button appears in the beta of SOE's massively multiplayer first-person shooter, PlanetSide 2. By clicking on this button, players in the beta will be able to stream their game to the Twitch platform.

SOE and Twitch TV have plans to extend this to other games, which will allow players to live broadcast and stream what they're playing directly to Twitch without the need to set up a camera.

SOE says that since the Twitch functionality is first appearing in PlanetSide 2's beta, it may not be fully functional until the game launches on Nov 20. PlanetSide 2 will be the first game in the market to have a direct one-click functionality that streams a game to the Twitch platform.

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