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Microsoft may be developing its own smartphone

Microsoft may be developing its own smartphone design, though the company is unsure the product will come to fruition, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Sources supposedly include some of Microsoft's parts suppliers, who say the company is working with Korean and Chinese component manufacturers to finalize the phone's hardware. These sources say Microsoft is leaning towards a 5-inch screen, larger than current phones dominating the market the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Microsoft's currently producing smartphones in partnership with Nokia and HTC, and the launch of Windows 8 is being seen as the company's jump towards creating a self-contained ecosystem of products similar to that created by Apple.

Windows 8, the software running on Surface, currently has a wide arrangement of games in its library. Developers including Gameloft have already begun optimizing games for Windows 8 on phone and tablet. However, earlier this year Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson slammed Windows 8, stating that the software will be a hindrance in development for indie companies.

A back-up plan involving a "Surface phone" is in the works if Windows 8 does not have a successful launch, according to The Verge. Previously The Verge reported that although a flagship Windows Phone has been in consideration at Microsoft, it is unlikely the device would be released this year.

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