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XCOM's Easy difficulty to become easier

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a brutal, tough-as-nails strategy game, one that includes the ability to play in a mode that doesn't allow players to revert to older saves and permanently kills all marines lost in battle. So it's no surprise that there's been a little movement to offer more casual players an easier way to play the game.

A still undated upcoming patch will make the game's Easy difficulty easier, according to a 2K community manager on the official forums for the game.

The patch will also include a number of major fixes for game-hanging and visual glitch issues as well as a multiplayer connectivity optimization.

The patch will be releasing "soon" on all platforms, according to the post.

Finally, the developers are still working on fixing a glitch that sometimes causes XCOM to display a defeat screen even after you beat it. Now that's a hard game.

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