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ShootMania Storm hits Jan. 23

Multiplayer online first-person shooter ShootMania Storm is scheduled for a second beta next month and release to PC on Jan. 23, publisher Ubisoft announced today.

Beta 2 will introduce new features including an updated version of the ManiaPlanet hub, and the ability to import 3D objects into the map editor. The second beta also includes the ManiaCup, an eSports tool allowing players to create and run in-game tournaments. Players can also now register as part of ManiaTeams, as well as track the team's stats and register for tournaments as a group.

Updates also include new moves like Laser Jump, Wall Jump and a Grappling Hook move, and new game modes "Victory" and "Fortress." The game will also now include a "Welcome Build," a game build designed to ease new players into ShootMania and grant free access to the "Royal" and "Elite" game modes.

Currently players can send invitations for others to join the "Welcome Build" client, which will remain invitation-only until launch. The build will be available to all players at launch.

ShootMania utilizes the same map editor as its sister game TrackMania, allowing players a wide range of tools and objects with which to construct their own maps and easily share them with other players.

ShootMania Storm already has an active e-sports following. The game was recently included in an IGN Pro League event at PAX Prime 2012 and is playable at the Major League Gaming tournament in Dallas, Texas this weekend.

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