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Rock Band Music Store adds Dave Matthews Band Nov. 6

Three tracks from Dave Matthews Band will bring the group to the Rock Band Music Store for the first time on Nov. 6, Harmonix announced today in a press release.

Harmonix and Dave Matthews Band will offer three tracks: "Mercy" from the band's latest album, Away from the World, "Ants Marching" from 1994's Under the Table and Dreaming and "So Much to Say" from 1996's Crash. Aspiring fusion musicians will be able to download the tracks as the Dave Matthews Band Pack 01 for $5.49 or as individual tracks for $1.99 each and an additional $0.99 for the pro upgrade.

The tracks are compatible with Rock Band 3 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii, where all three tracks will support keyboard play and "Ants Marching" will include pro guitar and bass support. The tracks will also work on Rock Band Blitz, where players can earn double points for playing the songs.

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