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Cooperatives, Episode 5: #SANDY

Hurricane Sandy struck the Eastern Seaboard this week, taking power from the homes of the Cooperatives.

With limited time and resources, gaming took a back seat to taking care of friends, family and ourselves. Of course, in a time of stress, everyone deserves a break, so we turned to what was available: a smorgasbord of handheld games.

In this week's special episode of Cooperatives, we recall the game's that helped pass the storm. Our iPhones and Vitas were put to good use, and I squeezed a good thirty-minutes out of a Game Gear before its batteries gave up the ghost. And when all the power was gone, we turned to the most terrifying of games — games of the mind!

What games do you play when the power goes out? Is it possible to beat Sonic 2 on Game Gear on a single battery charge?

If you would like to help those hit hardest by the storm, there is plenty of volunteer work available on the East Coast. Those wanting to lend a hand from afar should consider

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