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XCOM creator working on remake of 80s classic Chaos

XCOM creator Julian Gollop said today he is working on a sequel/remake to classic ZX Spectrum strategy title Chaos: The Battle of Wizards.

The game is being created on the Unity 3D engine with plans for a release on iOS, PC, Mac and "maybe more," according to a Tweet by Gollop.

In the original Chaos, players controlled wizards fighting one another in top-down, turn-based death matches. Each turn, players move their wizard around the map, cast spells and summon creatures.

In a number of follow-up tweets, Gollop said he's been working on the game for about a week, is looking to hire artists and that bringing the game to the PlayStation 3 would require the game to succeed on this first slate of platforms. Gollop also said he expects the game will be done "in about a year or so."

Chaos's 1985 release was followed by the release of the sequel Lords of Chaos in 1990, which came out on the ZX Spectrum, Amiga, Commodore 64, Atari ST and Amstrad CPC.

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