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Dust 514’s closed beta continues until 2013

With a bet this big you want to get things right." David Reid

Dust 514, the free-to-play PlayStation 3-exclusive shooter set within the Eve Online Universe, will remain in closed beta until 2013, reports Eurogamer.

"Things are going well," David Reid, a CCP Games executive told Eurogamer. "We'll be in closed beta through the end of 2012, but it won't take much longer. With a bet this big you want to get things right."

According to Eurogamer, Dust 514 has received criticism for being unfriendly to new players, which the team plans to fix with video tutorials.

"We want to make it as accessible as Call of Duty and Battlefield," said Reid. "It's about getting people interested, then getting them down that rabbit hole into the Eve universe. Pretty soon they'll be at [annual convention] Fanfest getting a tattoo."

For those in the beta, Dust's double skill point weekend kicked off yesterday. Playes can earn double points for every headshot, NULL Cannon hack, dropship takedown and more through Nov. 8.

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