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Claptrap Season 2 begins early next week on Borderlands' Facebook page

Season 2 of Gearbox's web series starring the snarky robot Claptrap will show its first episode on the Borderlands Facebook page early next week, announced by a picture posted to the page today.

"Fonts are all changin' and s@#*!" reads the photo.

Gearbox has announced that three additional pieces of downloadable content will be made available for Borderlands 2 before June 2013. Claptrap's second series is most likely tied to upcoming announcements regarding these add-ons.

Season 1 of Claptrap's adventures was created to advertise the first Borderlands and herald upcoming downloadable content. The dialogue for each episode references internet memes gleaned from popular culture, including a reference to the infamous Bill O'Reilly "We're doing it live!" incident and the "This is Sparta!" quote from the film 300.

Keep an eye on the Borderlands page early next week for the episode's debut.

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