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Halo 4 to honor a fallen teen fan's memory

Cade Ainsworth was a huge Halo fan whose memory will live on in Halo 4 thanks to the game's developers, his mother told WAPT in Jackson, Miss.

Cade donned a Halo baseball cap and played the first-person shooters as an escape after he was diagnosed with cancer when he was 13.

"He could be just Cade in a video game. He wasn't sick. Cade wasn't bald-headed. Cade he was just Cade," his mother Dianna Ainsworth, said.

Cade received chemotherapy for a year and a half, and played Halo in his room throughout. When Bungie, Halo's original developers, learned of his condition, they invited him to visit the studio.

Cade passed away in July 2012. According to WAPT, Halo 4's developers contacted his mother a few weeks later and asked her permission to include Cade in the game. His memory will live on in a "special section" of Halo 4 called Heroes Never Die.

Last year, Halo 4 developer 343 Industries released a three-part video series of the same name honoring "the heroism displayed by humanity during the Covenant war." You can watch the Heroes Never Die video below.

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