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State of Decay gameplay trailer is full of sneaking

State of Decay, an open world zombie-survival game from Undead Labs, has a new trailer featuring stealth gameplay and diversion tactics.

Stealth can aid players looking to avoid an otherwise sticky situation. State of Decay takes place after a devastating zombie outbreak, where scattered survivors band together to outlive undead hordes and rebuild their world. Players will have to construct a stable home base and gather food, ammunition and other supplies while rescuing stray survivors.

When composing the game's musical motifs, audio director Kevin Patzelt cites composers such as Ennio Morricone, who worked on The Thing, as influential.

"Morricone's work is just one of the examples we experimented with when creating musical motifs for State of Decay," said Patzelt. "The piece you hear in the videos is one of the mid-level combat compositions from Jesper Kyd [of the Assassin's Creed scores]."

State of Decay is slated for release early next year on Xbox Live Arcade and PC, though a specific date has not been announced.

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