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Mothhead from Massive Black shows off Unity engine in style

San Francisco art studio Massive Black has long been known for its concept and character designs, but the company has recently been making inroads into game development, notably with Kickstarter-funded title Zombie Playground. This week, Massive Black released Mothhead, a playable demo built in the Unity game engine, offering a taste of their video game development style.

Mothhead is described as an "interactive art demo," a puzzle game that gives players control of a moth who must venture outside of a "beautifully dark and whimsical underground grotto." The game is based on the work of sculptor and artist Peter König. König has worked on a huge number of projects including Valve games Left 4 Dead 2, Portal and Dota 2, as well as movies like Jurassic Park, Cloverfield and Splice. He currently works for 343 Industries on Halo 4.

Massive Black's Mothhead is available as a free download for Mac and Windows PC.

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