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Wii U user didn't access debug mode - it was a 'mock-up' says Nintendo

"Hack" turns out to be a "mock-up" mode

Nintendo issued a statement today to say that the supposed "debug mode" that a Wii U user managed to access on his console was in fact just a mock-up.

Yesterday a user on the forum NeoGaf, "Trike", posted photos to the forum showing that he had accidentally accessed what appeared to be a debug menu that allowed him to read admin messages and also regenerate passwords and delete admin accounts.

While many took this to mean that the Wii U had been hacked – even if it was only by accident – Nintendo responded today in a statement to Polygon saying that this was not the case.

The statement read:

It has come to our attention that some people were able to access a mock up menu on Miiverse following the launch of Wii U in the US. Please note that this was only a mock up menu and has now been removed and is not accessible.

The "mock-up" mode was patched up shortly after the NeoGaf user posted the images to the forum.

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