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Experimental prototype Mushroom 11 now supported by Indie Fund

Mushroom 11, an experimental prototype designed by developer Itay Keren with help from his wife Julia Keren-Detar as part of this year's Global Game Jam 2012, is now being backed by the independent games funding source Indie Fund.

Earlier in the year, Mushroom 11 was awarded with Best Game Design among 30 other titles shown during GGJ, encouraging Itay to develop his concept further.

"The design space being explored by Mushroom 11 is not something we've seen before," reads a statement from Indie Fund. "It's engaging and tactile and we're excited to support Itay and see where his design exploration leads!"

Itay may be best known for his work on the Chillingo-published iOS title Rope Rescue which reached the top 10 chart on the U.S. app store.

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