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Wii U doesn't include '@' symbol on Netflix app keyboard

The Netflix app that launched day-one on the Wii U does not include the '@' symbol on its keyboard, preventing some users from entering their passwords, with several console owners pointing out the omission on social networking sites.

Reddit user "jersully" posted a chat interaction with Netflix customer service yesterday, in which a representative writes "there's no @ functionality on the enter password system" and that the user must replace the symbol with another character in order to access his account.

"The Netflix Wii U app somehow doesn't have '@' in the keyboard for passwords," iOS software maker Panic Inc.'s founder Cabel Maxfield Sasser tweeted yesterday. "Phone support didn't believe me."

The only current solution for Netflix users with a '@' in their password is to change their password online, then go back to the Wii U app.

We have reached out to Nintendo for information on why the '@' symbol was omitted, and will update this story with more details as we have them.

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