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Free Red Orchestra 2 update adds classic map Barashka, redesigned mode, more

The latest free update to Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, a World War II first-person shooter from Tripwire Interactive, brings in the fan-favorite Barashka map, a redesigned Countdown mode and more.

Barashka is a beloved map from the original Red Orchestra, and the developers have reworked it for the sequel, adding combined arms combat, villages, bridges and a river crossing. As you can see in the trailer above, the new elements lead to some heavily contested hotspots. Barashka is playable in Territory and Countdown modes.

Tripwire also revamped the Countdown mode itself, simplifying things with an easier-to-understand interface and match flow that make for "much more instant and direct battles," according to the studio. The update includes a few minor changes as well, such as community requests like the ability to walk while firing from the hip.

The free Fall 2012 update is available now. Red Orchestra 2 originally launched in September 2011 on PC. You can watch a trailer for the content above, and check out screenshots below.

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