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22Cans improves server connectivity for Curiosity, still working on coin loss issue

22Cans has increased server count by 14 times for Curiosity - what's inside the cube? to correct players' connectivity issues, but in the process had to disable a system that prevented coin stores from being reset when playing on different devices, according to an update to the developer's website.

The new servers have corrected the connection issues, but logging into the game on Facebook, updating or installing the application on any device wipes players' coin stores to zero.

"We deeply regret and apologize for the issues that have caused those problems or indeed any other frustrations," reads the post by members of the server support team. "The point of this communication is to take responsibility and admit that we messed up by misjudging the performance of the system under the load when we went live."

The teams notes that the game's stability is currently its highest priority, and an update that will prevent coin loss in the future is nearly finished. The update will be submitted to Apple today and to Android within the week.

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