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Anarchy Reigns GameStop-exclusive DLC includes playable Bayonetta, additional multiplayer modes

Pre-ordering beat 'em up Anarchy Reigns from GameStop will net buyers exclusive downloadable content, including Bayonetta's eponymous star as a playable character and two additional multiplayer modes, Sega announced today.

Bayonetta's attacks and weapons will be familiar to those who have played her 2010 hack-and-slash action title. Players can use her signature four "Scarborough Fair" large caliber handguns as well as her "Wicked Weave" attacks, summoning powerful demons through her hair to deal damage to opponents.

"Mad Survival" multiplayer mode is similar to classic survival mode; teams of up to three can fight together in a showdown against waves of AI-controlled playable characters. Aerial-based "Dogfight" mode dangles players from in-flight helicopters in a gun fight that can only end with one player left hanging on.

Anarchy Reigns will release on Jan. 8 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for $29.99. The game was released in Japan earlier this year. Sega delayed the game's release in North America and Europe because the company was "looking for the best time to put it out."

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