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Super Hexagon launching on Steam next week

Super Hexagon, indie developer Terry Cavanagh's hardcore maze-navigating game, will make its way to Steam for PC and Mac on Nov. 27, Cavanagh revealed on his blog today.

The game launched earlier this year on iOS devices for $2.99, which is the same price tag it will carry on Steam. Cavanagh explained that the delay between the game's smartphone and Steam versions is because he "wasn't happy with the performance of the flash version." As a result, Cavanagh rewrote the entire game in C++, allowing it to run in higher resolutions than its previous iterations.

The Steam version brings with it the same social features of the iOS version — namely, leaderboards to showcase how long you've lasted across the game's six increasingly trying difficulty modes. Cavanagh hopes to launch the game at a slight discount when it goes live next week, but has yet to hear back on whether or not that will be possible.

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