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Hero-U Kickstarter meets funding goal with hours to spare

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, the "old school" turn-based adventure RPG from veteran game designers Cory and Lori Cole that took to Kickstarter earlier this fall, met its $400,00 funding goal today with a few hours to spare.

The project's stretch goals have not been met, but the Coles will add a PayPal option to the game's official site to allow new backers to contribute and current backers to upgrade their donations. The site will open an online store for game and accessory purchases in the coming months.

The first $500,000 stretch goal will add a "Companion Meep," described as a "Tamagotchi-like pet" that players must feed and take care of in return for it being occasionally helpful and sometimes underfoot.

For $600,000 Hero-U will add voice acting, and for $700,000 the game will be localized in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Hero-U follows the story of a young thief who chooses to enter reform school as opposed to going to jail for his crimes. The game is planned for a fall 2013 release on PC and Mac, and the Coles hope to bring the game to more platforms in the future.

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