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Hulu Plus app released for Wii U with GamePad integration

Hulu Plus now on Wii U

Hulu Plus — a video streaming service that allows users to watch TV shows and movies online — is now available for the Wii U for a $7.99 subscription fee, Hulu developers announced on the service's blog.

Hulu Plus is integrated with the Wii U GamePad. When users are viewing programs and movies on their television screen, the GamePad can be used to display additional information on what is being viewed. Alternatively, users can have the program or film use the GamePad as the main screen, allowing them to take the GamePad anywhere within range of the console.

As users scroll through films and TV shows, information on the programs automatically update on the GamePad. Users can either select programs to start viewing them immediately, or queue them up for later viewing.

The Hulu Plus icon can be found on the Wii U's home screen and those new to the service can access a free one week trial. The service also comes with a Hulu Kids section that contains more than 43 shows and commercial-free Nickelodeon programming.

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