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Book of Unwritten Tales prequel The Critter Chronicles launching next month

The Critter Chronicles, a prequel the German point-and-click adventure The Book of Unwritten Tales, will launch Dec. 5 on PC, Mac and Linux, publisher Nordic Games announced.

The upcoming prequel will focus on the story of a character called Critter who fans of the original title will remember as a furry sidekick to Unwritten Tales' Nate Bonnett protagonist.

Developer KING Art has improved both background and facial animation since the initial 2009 German release of the earlier title, while Critter Chronicles is said to include sound and lip movement for the first time in the series. Players can also expect to meet a number of new characters, including animal rights activist Petra, other Critter characters and a schizophrenic Yeti.

A Linux version of The Book of Unwritten Tales is currently in beta and available to Steam users. An English-speaking version of the game was first released in 2011.

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