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Tiny Barbarian brings retro-style action to Kickstarter

Tiny Barbarian, a retro 2D action title inspired by the short and fast-paced design philosophy of early arcade tites, has launched on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $12,000.

Developed by studio StarQuail Games, the game is based on an earlier version first released last year by designer Michael Stearns as a Game Maker project. Compared to the earlier release, the new title "damn near destroys the old one," writes Stearns, and feature improved combat, a re-drawn version of the tiny barbarian and new attack moves that allow the player to attack from different directions.

Tiny Barbarian is currently being developed for PC; However, other platform releases may become feasible later on. The game will be made up of episodes lasting roughly one hour each, with four episodes currently planned. Additional episodes will be possible with the help of further backing.

All backers will receive a digital copy of each episode as it becomes available as well as their name added to an in-game monument. Other backer rewards include t-shirts, buttons, and a DVD box edition featuring the digital download, artwork, a short booklet including additional artwork and guide. In addition, for a backing of $500 users will be able to suggest their own in-game Easter egg to hide in the game.

Tiny Barbarian is created using Starquail's custom 2D engine which was used previously for Xbox Indie title Astroman. The game features the work of Stearns, StarQuail programmer Daniel Roth and musician Jeff Ball, whose previous audio work includes titles such as Monkey Island 2: Special Edition and League of Legends.

The game currently has $2,883 of its $12,000 goal as of press time.

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