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Molyneux hints at six new features headed to Curiosity next week

Can 22 do it?

Curiosity, the ongoing game experiment by Peter Molyneux-led 22 Cans studio, will receive "six big new features" as soon as next week, Molyneux told CVG.

While the developer did not detail what these updates would include, he stated the "have been designed by looking at how people interact with Curiosity." The features have been in development since last week and are currently in prototype.

"We are not ready to say what these are," said Molyneux, "but I will give you a clue: 'Badgers.'"

Last night 22 Cans increased its server count by 14 in order to fix issues with player connectivity. In the process the team was forced to disable a system that prevented coin stores from being reset when playing the title on a different device. While the connectivity issues have been corrected, logging into the game via Facebook, updating or installing the app on any device will wipe a player's coins store.

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