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Australian man sets tentative world record with 135-hour Black Ops 2 marathon

An Australian man believes he set a new Guinness World Record earlier this week for the longest gaming marathon, playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for 135 hours, 50 minutes — a nearly nonstop session of more than five and a half days.

Okan Kaya, a 28-year-old Sydney native, easily broke the previous record of 120 hours, seven minutes, which was set this year by two Canadian men playing Insomniac Games' Resistance franchise.

Guinness rules allow for 10-minute breaks every hour, and time from unused breaks accumulates, so Kaya was able to get in some sleep over the course of seven days. According to Kaya, his record isn't official quite yet — he's gathering the evidence for submission to Guinness — but he expects it to be confirmed shortly.

"I definitely smashed it," he told Australian Associated Press.

Kaya displayed more than stamina: He managed to rank up all the way to number 29 on the global Black Ops 2 leaderboards.

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