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Press Reset - Episode 13: 'Still Alive'

A final note from Press Reset Director Stephen Greenwood:

Four months ago, I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know about websites. You create some mockups, you write some code, you press publish and then make a "Hello World" joke.

I admittedly knew very little about the precise coordination between all the members of a good editorial staff, the revision process of the design team, the dev team scrums, the thoughtful integration from a dedicated sales team and the digital tools used to improve workflows. I didn't appreciate the work behind creating a video game review, getting a scoop before another outlet or working with a game studio to craft a feature piece. I didn't know the elation of a site launch, the frantic bug fixes afterward, the exhaustion of covering a trade show or how to vet an onslaught of eager, aspiring games journalists.

Now, I feel like I know something about all of these facets of making a website and I hope that you, the community does too. If there's one viewer out there that's been inspired to build something of their own by watching the Polygon team through Press Reset, then we've accomplished what we set out to do.

If, in ten years' time, HD video is still somehow accessible on whatever form the internet has taken, I hope people will be able to look back on this story and appreciate what an amazing, hard-working, and talented team we have on both the editorial and product side of Polygon and throughout the Vox Media family.

I hope they'll laugh at our cumbersome laptops, our retrospectively dumb smartphones, and gawk that responsive design was just in the early stages of gaining widespread popularity — but more than that, see the story of what it was like to build a major website in the year 2012, to be part of an exciting time in Vox Media's young history and feel some connection to the group of people that ultimately helped push the existing boundaries of games journalism.

- Stephen Greenwood, Director

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