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BaraBariBall developer details features as part of the Sportsfriends compilation

BaraBariBall, developer Noah Sasso's quirky take on a fighting game, is headed to PlayStation Network as part of the Sportsfriends compilation, and the developer detailed its features today on the PlayStation Blog.

The game tasks players with defeating each other, but offers a few twists to standard fighting game mechanics. Rather than scoring points by fighting each other directly, two to four players jostle for control of balls, which they can dunk for points on each side of the screen. Players are also limited to a certain number of jumps, as conveyed by floating balls that surround each. You can read detailed rules of the game alongside some amazing animated GIFs on the game's official website.

The retro-styled fighter will join Johann Sebastian Joust, Hokra and Super Pole Riders in the Sportsfriends bundle, which combines these indie games into a single package and is seeking Kickstarter donations.

You can check out the trailer above to see the fighting in action and QWOP developer Bennett Foddy's thoughts on Super Pole Riders here.

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