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Katamari Damacy creator's next game available for $5 through L.A. Game Space Kickstarter

L.A. Game Space, the Kickstarter campaign featuring games from the developers of Hotline Miami, QWOP, The Unfinished Swan and nearly 30 others, has added a new $5 game from Keita Takahashi, creator of Katamari Damacy, according to a post on the campaign's Kickstarter blog.

Though details on Takahashi's new game are scarce, the blog post reveals that those who've already pledged $15 or more will receive it free of charge, in addition to the other titles. Those who pledge a minimum of $5 will net a copy of the game as well.

Takahashi's game will work with Windows, Mac and Linux PCs and is available exclusively through L.A. Game Space.

Released in 2004 for PlayStation 2, Katamari Damacy's mix of simple design, scaling puzzles and analog stick-only controls garnered the game a cult status and earned it several sequels. Earlier this year, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City added Katamari Damacy to a collection called "Century of the Child: Growing by Design." Carlson Choi, MOMA's vice president of marketing, described Katamari Damacy as "a truly modern video game classic."

For more on L.A. Game Space, be sure to read our recent interview with those heading the project, including Daniel Rehn who told us that they're "envisioning a place that brings unlikely people together and where new ideas are born." You can check out L.A. Game Space's Kickstarter here.