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T@g augmented reality app hits PlayStation Vita in Europe today

Free augmented reality app T@g is now available for the PlayStation Vita in Europe, developer Bolser Agency announced today on the European PlayStation Blog.

T@g lets players use the Vita's AR features to create virtual graffiti, using a wide arrangement of fonts and effects to create "t@gs" on photos taken with the handheld's camera. The game uses the Vita's GPS system as well, and graffiti you've drawn will show up in the same location in other player's games. You can draw over other players' tags as well to earn "kudos" points and unlock new fonts and fillers.

Check out the video above to see T@g in action. Polygon has reached out to Sony to ask if T@g will be released for Vita in North America, and will update this story with more information as we have it.

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