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Space Harrier getting a 3D Classics-style port for Nintendo 3DS

Sega's classic arcade game Space Harrier is coming to the Nintendo 3DS with a stereoscopic 3D makeover in the vein of Nintendo's own "3D Classics" line.

3D Space Harrier is currently confirmed only for release in Japan. The Nintendo 3DS game will be a port of the 1985 original — not the Sega Master System sequel known as Space Harrier 3-D — optimized for the aspect ratio of the screen of Nintendo's current handheld. 3D Space Harrier has no officially announced release date.

Nintendo released a handful of classic NES games for 3DS with stereoscopic 3D support, with the most recent a port of Kid Icarus. That "3D Classics" port was released in spring 2012.

The news of 3D Space Harrier coincides with the release of a downloadable version of the Space Harrier 2: Space Harrier Complete Collection. Originally released for the PlayStation 2 under the Sega Ages 2500 line, the game is now available for download in Japan for PS3.

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